Captain’s Message

For me a season at Imperial is much like the Tideway we row on. Yes, it can be unpredictable, difficult, and even dangerous at times, but this serves only to make it as awe inspiring as it is fear inducing. It is a force of nature meandering it’s historic path, carved into the very landscape it occupies, an exciting torrent of racing and training opportunity. Opportunity to better oneself and the achievements of previous years, to make new friends and race new opposition.

This year in particular I want to increase the depth of talent at the Boat Club by recruiting and developing the best athletes we can. Practically this will mean greater flexibility between squads and more club wide sessions, so everyone can challenge each other and drive the club on as a whole. Success will come from training hard and enjoying what we do, because if we take rowing too seriously we might as well just join the non-students.