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Head action for all! A March bonanza

The self described rowing festival brought huge numbers to our doorstep.  It was some sight, three days of head races back to back.  ICBC is privileged with a location in the heart of rowing in London and we duly soaked in the atmosphere.  There was a stall selling pogies, Shania Twain on someone’s speakers and […]

Camp 2017

Henley Royal Regatta 2017: The Preview

I take no responsibility for the content in the preview tables.  Some entries were lightly edited. Gradually, carefully and surely, the build-up is reaching a climax. Settled into a random house further upstream of the River Thames than our usual abode, Henley is on top of us. To finish off this anticipation is the Imperial […]

Senior coxless four building off the start

Henley Women’s Regatta 2017: Close but no cigar

It turned out to be one of those weekends. On the cusp of Henley Women’s Regatta, confidence across the squad was high as eight crews entered seven categories. These athletes battled to five finals and one semi-final, but, crucially, none returning with hardware. Here is a recap of a tumultuous weekend. Always intensely fought, the […]

What A Lovely Day! Top: Gibson & Powell / Bottom: Mieszkowska & Barnhill

The Met: Up and Running

This one is less verbose, I promise. — With rays of sunshine warming the faces, hair fluttering in the brisk breeze and wretched exams etched in the mind, it was the Met. This year the armada was filled by all four squads. Here is a concise and precise round-up of our activities: M2- Four mens pairs were […]

We promote individualism.

Credit: Angie King, Quintin Boat Club

Quintin Head

As the global economic, political and social interregnum rages, a new era is dawning at Imperial College Boat Club. The arrival of Quintin Head is a welcome respite from the seemingly endless miles in the gloomy weather and short hours of sunlight.  The opportunity to swank on home water is never to be turned down […]