So you've done a few taster sessions. Now what?

You've been to a few taster sessions, your ergo times are getting better, you like what the community is about, and the coaches seem no longer to be speaking a different language. What next?

Training & Selection

For the next few weeks training will take place as follows:

  • Tuesday Ergos starting at 18:00 or 19:00
  • Wednesday 13:45 - 17:30 - Water session and Weights session with a break in between.
  • Thursday 18:45 - 20:00 - Circuit training
  • Saturday 12:00 - 14:00 - Water

Other specific information about weekly training will be broadcast via email and through the Facebook group

Please also look at the events calendar to make yourself available for events including the novice fixture and training weekend in the first term.

To get selected for the top boats and make the most progress in the sport it is important you come to training. Coaches will be looking for athletes who have proven themselves consistently. Power on the rowing machine and technical skill in the boat will be the two most important factors considered and can only be developed with a committed approach to training. 

Social Events

There will be several occasions over the next few months to let loose and get to know your crew mates. Larger events involving the whole club will be organised by our Social Secretary Alex Ball. Details of these will be posted on the events page of our website and in the Facebook group. Although I hope you don't need a committee to tell you to grab some mates from the boat club and go for a beer or a burger after training. We recommend the Rocket in Putney as a fine après-row establishment, although feel free to venture further afield.


To become a fully fledged club member you will have to buy a boat club membership from the Union for £75, this will cover among other things: boats, coaching, hotel accommodation for races, transport and race fees, and also is used to subsidise our Easter training camp. Not to mention you get an official club T-shirt on joining.

On top of this there is also a £60 gym membership fee which goes to upkeep and maintenance of our gym and boat house, which you will be able to use.


Our kit officer Toby Heaton is in charge of kit and all queries should be directed through him.

  • There will be three kit windows for ordering racing and training kit through out the year; October, January and May
  • There are various items of kit on offer. To keep costs down, however, there is only one piece of essential kit: The ICBC racing All in One (£50)
  • Other optional kit includes:
    • Standard leggings - £42. Keeps your legs warm when it is cold.
    • Rowing gilet - £60. Sleeveless jacket worn on the water for warmth. Waterproof and thermal.
    • Splash Jacket - £87. The warmest item of kit that we offer. Fully thermal and comes with either a ¼ or full length zip. This will keep you warm during the coldest winter sessions.
    • Long sleeved base layer - £37. Skin tight top made from lycra that is worn for racing if cold.
    • Short sleeved base layer - £33. As above, but with short sleeves.
  • To order kit please fill out your order details on this spreadsheet. And transfer money to Toby Heaton by Thursday the 20th of October 12PM. Toby's bank details can be found on the Facebook group, which you should all be members of.
  • Some of the designs on the spreadsheet, such as tartan leggings, will be available to new members later on in the season.