The Committee 2016

Captain - Ollie Hines

When I joined Imperial in 2013 as a zealous young athlete and physics student I immediately aspired one day to captain the club. In my eight years of rowing I have won my fair share of British University Championship, Coupe de la Jeunesse, Home International, National School's, Marlow, Metropolitan and Ghent Regatta medals and even coached a crew of 15 year olds to national success. I hope to use these experiences to build a better club; a faster club; a more inclusive club; a club, in which every athlete: novice or senior; man or woman will give their absolute best for each other, because when their moment comes Imperial expects that every member will do their duty, just as every club member expects that their captain will do his.

If anyone has any more specific issues please don't hesitate to contact me or one of the committee. 

Women's Captain - Rebecca Rowe

Hi! I’m Becky, this year’s women’s captain. I learned to row here at IC in 2013 and my highlights in the sport have been winning the novice academic pennant at WeHORR (in the 7 seat) and racing at Henley Royal in the Prince Albert (as a cox!). Imperial is a fantastic club to train with and race for and as captain I hope to do my bit to keep it that way. Come to me if you have any questions about training, problems you need a hand with or just fancy a chat!

Treasurer - Romain Barnoud

Hello chaps! I'm Romain, a PhD student in the Computing Department. I've been a member of the Boat Club for 3 years, but I started rowing as a Junior (a long time ago). My devilish plan to establish a long line of French treasurers worked perfectly (thank you Fabi), so here I am again. Should you have any queries related to finance (memberships, claims, or others) please feel free to contact me. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, so your problem will be fixed swiftly.

Secretary - Paul Jones

Some say the Secretary is the real driving seat of the boat club, the unsung hero, the dark knight of club administration. I’ll be drawing on previous terms as Captain and Secretary to ensure the admin side of the club runs in the background like clockwork – letting you smash out the season worry free. Should you have any questions come see me. I'll probably be eating baguette or cooking up some frogs with Romain, but I'm sure we can make some time.

Kit Officer - Toby Heaton

What is a kit officer? I have spent the summer pondering this eternal question and I have yet to arrive at a succinct answer. Is it a committee member who provides groundbreaking and unparalleled wavy garms for the whole squad? Is it a friend in your time of need between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday? Is it a leader among men in the fashion community, providing counsel and guidance to such names as Alexander McQueen, Kanye West and Jimbo Redhead? It is all of these things and more. I am looking forward to my journey of self discovery this year and I hope that you will join me in my quest to answer my original question- what is a kit officer?

Social Secretary - Alex Ball

After the trouble free events of last season, I’ve certainly got a tough act to follow. As this year’s social secretary I’ll make sure that there’s plenty of opportunity for new and established club members to make questionable decisions on some large nights out and for everyone to get to know each other throughout the year. As a Mechanical Engineering student you may wonder if a man can handle any more socialising in his life. Well the answer is yes, and I will make sure that we all have a chincredible time this year off the water.

Novice Coordinator - Ren Elvidge

Hi I’m Ren, a third year mech eng student. I spend a lot of my spare time planning sports night outfits and wondering whether I should learn to swim before going out in a single again on the tideway. I started rowing as a novice last year. Highlight: Winning the erg relay in the taster session. Lowlight: Almost crashing into a girl who had capsized in the beginner singles at BUCS. You’ll probably have a more successful novice year then me! It’s my job to integrate any new rowers into the club so if you have any questions about joining ICBC, learning to row, or anything novice related just drop me an email or a facebook message.

Press Officer - Tim Richards

Hi I’m Tim, known as Grim/GB Tim/Tim Richards Yeeeeeeah amongst others not appropriate at this time. I joined IC to study Medicine from Abingdon school in 2010 and did not want to go near a boat. I was “persuaded" to do a 30min erg mid-way through freshers and haven’t looked back since (still the most miserable session I have ever done). This year I decided I should try my hand at being press officer. I apologise in advance for my terrible interpretation of the English language but I hope to maintain the high standard of ICBC media output, which in the past has rivalled the likes of Daily Mail, Piers Morgan and James Blunt.