The Committee 2017

Club Captain – Alex Ball

I’m Alex and I’m the Club Captain for the coming season. I’m a final year Mechanical Engineering student and have been rowing since school. It’s my job to ensure that the Committee and the Club runs smoothly throughout the year as well as a point of contact for Sport Imperial and the College. I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge over my many years of rowing and with lots of experience of the inner workings of the club I’ll be able to guide us all on a steady course this year. If you have any concerns please feel free to email me at

Women’s Captain – Maddy Ardissino

Born and bred ICBC material. Also known as Bolognese, Eyyyyy and Italian stallion. The highlights of my rowing career include being accused of not being a novice at my first BUCS. We’ve all done stuff… Any questions about the women’s squad please feel free to come to me. Keep it PG.


Men’s Captain – Toby Heaton

I’m Toby, a medical student in my fourth year at Imperial and this year’s Men’s Captain. I will be responsible for the welfare of the Men’s Squad and, by working with the coaches and the rest of the committee, the performance of the squad both as a whole and as individuals as well as the development of the Novice Men’s Squad. Having been on the committee for the last two years as both press and kit officer and having been in the Senior Men’s Squad for the last three years, I hope that I’ve learned some lessons about life as a student athlete at Imperial College Boat Club. This year I hope that I can pass on these lessons and my love of the club to others and play my part in a successful year for ICBC! #weareblackbluesilver

If any current or prospective Men’s Squad athletes have any questions, concerns or issues, please contact me at

Treasurer – Emily Boother

Having quickly risen to stardom last season (has anyone else at ICBC had a reddit thread about them, I think not) I was keen to continue in the limelight by joining the coolest kids around, the ICBC committee, as treasurer.

I joined ICBC as a fresher and now as a 4th year medic, they’re still allowing me to cox despite my best efforts. For any questions about finances (membership, claims etc), coxing or how you shouldn’t steer a boat, feel free to message me at

Secretary – Romain Barnoud

Venerated elder of the boat club (mind you, I have been rowing since 2007 and I am member of ICBC since 2013 — what am I doing with my life?), I will be acting as Secretary this year. My job is pretty simple: making sure that everyone in the committee is doing his job correctly so that you can row worry free (and even study a bit in your spare time).

I have seen a fair share of rowing clubs, but nothing tops ICBC so I really hope that whether you are a fresher or a graduating student, a woman or a man, a novice or a seasoned rower, you enjoy your time here and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Please come to see me if you have any issue (rowing related or not) or if you simply long to have a chat.


Social Secretary – Jack Walsh

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jack Walsh, and I am social secretary. I shall be orchestrating a plethora of sic events, highlights of which include the infamous TOGA, and historic annual dinner. In the name of tradition I shall also be going bald on the night of HORR. Nuff said.


Kit Officer – James Harrison

From its first creation clothing has both served and enthralled in equal measure; it has evolved from its humble beginnings to transition from a tool to an art form. And yet the epitome of both these purposes is to be found within the world of rowing. As form and function compete, an equality of existence has been established, if one of these took leave or was absent chaos would ensue. It is therefore imperative for a kit officer to maintain a sense of equanimity whilst preserving this balancing act with a sobered mind. Therefore, as kit officer I will use my empirical experience to endure in this fashion, bridging any dented relationships. But foremost, I will ensure that I am and shall be a purveyor of sartorial excellence for all.


Media Officer – Ali Ben-Tiba

Daniel Ali Ben-Tiba is a British-Tunisian film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is one of the highest-grossing directors in history, and among the most successful and acclaimed filmmakers of the 21st century. Having made his directorial debut with Shildonception (2017), he gained considerable attention for his second feature, Shlidonception Part II (2017). To the dismay of many fans, he pushed back production of the trilogy’s finale to manage and produce for the ICBC media group. To this day, he has made it his mission to output the finest cinematography ICBC has ever seen.

If you fancy yourself as a budding reporter, or have any other media related queries, don’t hesitate to email me at

Alumni Officer – Edward Bentley

Hi, my name is Edward Bentley, and although I have only been at IC for one year, I have already been awarded the prestigious rowing scholarship. Alumni has always been one of my greatest passions – I yearn that one day, I too may become an alumnus. My thirst for this role, was demonstrated when I was unanimously elected into this demanding post. If you have any problems or queries on how to improve your rowing, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07769344057