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Temple 'A'

Cox: Benedict Moore

Swolest cox, ever. Top 10 at the head two years in a row. Confirmed sub 7 2k.

Stroke: Max Ridgwell*

All round good guy. His mum Tigger makes some seriously good flapjacks, 10/10 would recommend.

*Went to Eton.

7: Casper Woods

AKA Casper Worlds, won Junior Worlds in 2k17. Member of the Hurlingham Club. Has anger management issues. Won the PA in 2018, the Temple still eludes him.

6: Jack Walsh

El presidente. Rekt in the PA final back in '17. Decided to skip the Prince Albert and go straight for the Temple. 

5: Dugald Fraser

Wishes he was doing the PA. European Universities champion. Status: Unemployed

4: Milford Killian-Dawson

The epitome of an Englishman according to his French girlfriend. Legend says he stores a large lithium ion battery pack in his lower back but this is unconfirmed.

3: Thomas Smith

Rogue, mysterious, his favourite hobbies include wine making and late night walks. An oracle, he claims to sometimes have visions of the future and his Australian coach Peter Hardcastle.

2: Ben Hambrook

Sub 6 m80. Used to row at IC. Went to Molesey. Came back. Finally realising his untapped potential after four years of chopping. 

Bow: Edward Bentley 

Westminster alumnus. Men's Captain. Been in some classy boats both at school and university. Lives by the mantra: Muscles are made in the gym, but they are displayed in the kitchen.

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Prince Albert 'A'

Cox: Emily Boother

Literally hasn't been seen in years. Boat club sweetheart. Appears in your time of greatest need.

Stroke: Robert Kinnier Wilson

Snaked the boiz last year for a Bingbong project but we forgive him. Was born with a beard. Middle name is Bruce.

Three: Jonah Harris

Coaches still think his name is Jonas. Old enough to have grandchildren of his own.

Two: James Harrison

Insanely strong. Bakes as well as a rowing mum. Signature dish: IC macaroons 

Bow: Evan Fisher

Insane chat. Borelase strength levels. Nickname: Dennis

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Temple 'B'

Cox: Deepika Reddy

Completed life before you were even born. Ambulance driver turned surgeon turned bus driver.

Stroke: William Pearson

Old and wise. To the envy of the 5 man used to work at TFL.

7: Matthew Mcelroy 

3 years ago in the Prince Albert, he brought shame to the house of Matt. From that fateful day he vowed restore his honour, and has been on the path to redemption ever since. Now donning the title 'Smash M' he will fight for glory against Harvard, and be forever remembered as an IC legend.

6: Sebastian Fortineau

Sport Imperial Rising Star 2k19. 

5: Bazil Saiq

Not to be confused with the herb (spelt with an s), Bazil wishes he was driving a TFL train but this was next best available option.

4: Andrew Smith

Novice, will probably be very good this time next year.

3: James Wilson

A true temple warrior, after 3 years in the bus he has finally managed to defeat qualifiers and has his eyes set on great things.

2: Sam Burdett 

Most people don't know his real name, but you may have heard of his alias, Ham Baguette. Quite the renegade, just a few weeks ago he slept through his alarm and left his crew with 7 oarsmen.

Bow: Stefan Sebastian Hales

This year SS Hales has finally trumped injury and gotten absolutely shredded for Henley. His obscenely lean physique, combined with an unorthodox rowing style, has carried his entire eight through qualifiers and into the Wednesday. Inspired by Alex Ball, he hopes to set it up nicely in bows, and promises to tell his coach if he ever has dessert.

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