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BUCS Regatta 2023

Over the BUCS regatta long weekend ICBC brought home medals across novice and senior events, with 23 crews racing and 279 Victor Ludorum points - over 1.5x last year's points!

Saturday was the busiest day, with 9 ICBC crews taking to the suspiciously flat Nottingham water. Stand out performances included Gold in the Women's Champ 2-, and fourth in the Men's Champ 8+. The women's squad had a strong showing across the board too, coming 5th in the Champ Lightweight 2x and winning the B final to come 7th in the Inter 4x. The Men's Beginner 4+ cinched a win in their B final to come 7th, the Men's Inter 8+ crews came 11th and 26th, and the Women's Beginner 8+ came 16th. Special shout-out to Alice Duhem for racing the Beginner 8+ and coming 20th in Beginner 1x on Day 1 of the weekend!

With more strong racing on Sunday, the Women's Beginner 4+ secured an amazing Silver medal. The Men's Champ 4- and Women's Inter 1x took 4th places, while the Women's Champ 8+ just missed out on the A final with 7th place. The Men's Champ 4+ came 8th as did the Men's Beginner 8+. Both the Men's Champ Lwt 2x and Men's Inter 4+ came 14th.

With all the eights racing over, Monday saw two more medals in smaller boats: Silver in the Women's Inter 2x and Bronze in the Women's Champ 4-.

The Men's Champ 2-, Men's Inter 2-, and Women's Champ 4+ all came fourth in their categories, narrowly missing out on podium finishes. The Women's Inter 4+ managed to place in the top half of a competitive category, coming 29th out of 67 crews.

Many thanks to our sponsors at AllMarkOne for the sunny photos!

Results Recap:

W Ch 2- Gold

W Beg 4+ Silver

W Int 2x Silver

W Ch 4- Bronze

M Ch 2- Fourth

M Ch 4- Fourth

W Ch 4+ Fourth

M Ch 8+ Fourth

W Int 1x Fourth

M Inter 2- Fourth

W Ch Lwt 2x Fifth

M Beg 4+ 7th

W Ch 8+ 7th

W Int 4x 7th

M Beg 4+ 8th

M Ch 4+ 8th

M Int 8+ 11th

M Ch Lwt 2x 14th

M Int 4+ 14th

W Beg 8+ 16th

W Beg 1x 20th

M Int 8+ 26th

W Int 4+ 29th (of 67!)

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