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Fours Head 2019

8 Student fours and one Alumni four raced for IC in the Fours Head of the River race the weekend just passed. Racing was enjoyed by all, with some crews being given the rare opportunity to test their speed against the boat race crews before next terms fixtures.

135 - W4- 3rd Acad B1

Fours head represented the first opportunity to compare our boat speed to some of the top crews in the country. Entered in Band 1 we knew going in it would be tough competition however we were confident in our boat speed and using the home course to our advantage. The paddle to the start was focussed with the only a few close shaves as we weaved through the mass of other crews. Being chased by a strong Edinburgh crew, containing two members of gold medal crews at the summers U23 world championships, we knew we had to go off hard. A strong rhythm and some textbook steering ensured we stayed ahead and ultimately finished not only 3rd in our category but the third-fastest women’s four that day. Hopefully, we can take this speed forwards as we move into eights for the rest of the year.

408 - W4+ 2nd Acad B2

36 - M4+ A 3rd Acad B1

Milford, Tom, Casper, Max and Ben took the new carbon coxed four for a ride on the Tideway last weekend; a boat named this summer after IC coach ‘Peter Summers’, who volunteered to help take the 1978 Ladies Crew to victory. Setting off behind Goldie’s and Isis’s 4+ crews gave them ample opportunity to give some chat before the start, which was followed by a stonking first half of the race where they moved on the crews ahead. Having been instructed not to ‘Blow their load too early’ they held on for dear life until the mile post and stepped on to the embankment. With a final sprint they succeeded in both flying and dying just as they crossed the finish line, bringing home a very respectable 3rd place against Blue boat and U23 gold medallist crews.

37 - M4+ B 10th Acad B1

47 - M4- A 3rd Acad B1

After a productive few weeks in the lads 4-, we were happy to race without having to listen dead weight screaming 'creamy run' at us. What do Ed Bentley and Jamie Vardy's right feet have in common? The ability to aim a fast-moving projectile around a bend with expert precision. Someone should have told him there were no extra points for scoring a hat-trick by hitting buoys before the finish. Nøam Moulè set a furious pace the whole way down the course and was backed up by fresh blood Lucas Rowley and Quack Walsh. A finish of 3rd place in Academic 4- left us not where we wanted and the lads will be back for more in 2020.

52 - M4- B 12th Acad B1

The opportunity to row in the lighter, more responsive coxless 4 was one which we approached with anticipation for Bazil, Harry, Jack and Dan. Bowman Bazil Saiq was deft and adept with his steering, the new partnership of middle pair Harry Mouat and Jack Powell had some serious power to put down, and stroke man Dan Lee kept our rhythm in check. With some big watts in the boat, the commitment in the water was excellent, but we struggled to work together effectively and a consistently good rhythm eluded us for most of the race, except for some flashes of real pace off the start and around the halfway point. The final sprint left certain crew members complaining that they ‘couldn’t feel their legs’ due to the lactate, and we were somehow drawn into a battle paddle on the way back in by a Bath crew we’d just beaten.

262 - M4+ C 2nd Acad B2

272 - M4+ D 11th Acad B2

14 - Alumni M4- 10th B1

Recent Alumni Alex, Toby, Tristan and Ollie joined forces to come out of retirement and have another row down the tideway together. From speaking to them afterwards the row was a lot longer than they remembered and didn't leave them itching for more.

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