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Henley Royal Regatta 2017: The Preview

I take no responsibility for the content in the preview tables.  Some entries were lightly edited.


Gradually, carefully and surely, the build-up is reaching a climax. Settled into a random house further upstream of the River Thames than our usual abode, Henley is on top of us.

To finish off this anticipation is the Imperial College Boat Club preview. Brew a cup of tea and read on.

Temple: Imperial College “A” – Bow number 105: Wednesday – Drawn against Oxford Brookes University “B” at 9:05am

These (largely) fresh buds have bounded out of the gates, winning the B final of Challenge Eights at the Met. Followed up by a second place finish in Tier 2 Eights at Marlow, their continental training times have instilled a discipline which runs deep.NameAge, CoursePersonalityBet you didn’t know that…Emily Boother (coxswain)21, MedicineSink or swimEmily has an intimate knowledge of London’s bridges.Dugald Fraser (stroke)21, Chemical EngineeringSegregatingHe has a qualification in potato harvesting.Jonathan Edwards19, MedicineFun spongeJonny is a talented oarsman and has a fantastic work ethic.Edward Bentley19, Mechanical EngineeringTardyEd always makes sure he is punctual to all of his races and training sessions and has never been late ever in his life.Alexander Ball20, Mechanical EngineeringHyenaJust £3 a month will go towards teaching Alex how to crack a cold one open with the boys.Edward Rees21, BiologyGrumpyOne of the better boats that Ed has been in, but not up to the standard of Tier 2 Pairs at Met Regatta 2017. Edward’s positive attitude shines through, lifting the crew during training and racing.Luke Whiting21, MedicineReligiousMiraculously treats his patients with good will.James Harrison19, PhysicsHusband MaterialJimmy is the perfect man. His charm and intelligence is almost as well received as his baking. He plans to enter the Great British Bake Off, which he will win.Romain Barnoud (bow)24, PhD Computer ScienceFrenchWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, he’s widely considered a bit of a nutter.


Wyfold: Sport Imperial – Bow number 280: Wednesday – Drawn against Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club, USA at 4.20pm

They teased, they toyed, and, to the bemusement of the club rowing scene, they ended up in a Wyfold boat. The coxed four is not an Olympic event after all. I won’t subject this crew to the tabular inspection as the students, formed of Josh Butler, Matthew Pointing, Sam Butler, Matthew Whaley.

Nevertheless, the wind is firmly in their sails after finishing third in Championship Coxless Fours at Marlow, ahead of all other domestic Wyfold boats. Hopes are high for the two Butlers and two Matts.

Prince Albert: Imperial College “A” – Bow number 477: Wednesday – drawn against University of Surrey at 6:50pm.

Formed of some of ICBC’s finest minds, the Prince Albert four have applied their refined technique and channelled their inner energy to actually move the boat in the right direction. Fuelled by ethnic diversity, the crew won Championship Coxed Fours on Saturday of the Metropolitan Regatta, placed second on the Sunday and won Championship Coxed Fours at Marlow.NameAge, CoursePersonalityBet you didn’t know that…Chris Au (coxswain)23, PhD Environmental ResearchCan be short, and round.Chris represented Barnet in U14 ping pong.Jack Walsh (stroke)20, Materials Science with EngineeringAn absolutely quacking bloke.Jack should never be introduced to anyone’s mum.Toby Heaton 21, MedicineFar too high performance for the rest of us.His golf clubs fit perfectly in the boot of his WAG-mobile.Tristan Vouilloz23, Mechanical EngineeringAlways badgering away at the rest of us.After graduating with a good degree in mech eng, Tristan is likely to be snapped up by Jobseeker’s PLC.Ollie Hines (bow)22, Theoretical PhysicsUnfortunate- always making mistakes and they’re never his fault.Ollie has a girlfriend and her name is Jowita (you’re welcome Mr. and Mrs. Hines).


Diamonds – Bow number 561: Drawn against Lawrence Wells of Army R.C.

Delivering a superb row in qualifiers, Harry Uglow goes against some of the most eminent scullers globally. Winning Tier 2 singles at the Met and finishing sixth in Championship Singles at Marlow, Harry’s trajectory has been firmly upward. Racing for points seems so yesterday.NameAge, CoursePersonalityBet you didn’t know that…Harry Uglow21, Computer SciencePartial to dogging the boysHarry’s unconventional love life means he’s one to watch in the Catherine Wheel.


Princess Royal: Pippa Whittaker – Bow number 577: Drawn against Judith Anlauf, Germany.

Pippa takes a deserved place after battling through a hotly contested qualifying campaign, hot on the heels of a mightily impressive Henley Women’s campaign.  First round, up against a lightweight German international; the joy of Henley is racing the very best from the world.

Remenham: Leander Club and University of London – Bow number 14: Drawn against Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Stroking the GB women’s eight is Rebecca Shorten, leading a strong GB Rowing Team entry into Henley.  Eight entries into the Remenham will offer tight racing in the elite tier of women’s rowing.  Also remain proud to induct two-seat Sara Parfett into sweep rowing and learn to listen to a cox!

Remenham: University of London and Imperial College – Bow number 22: Drawn against Calgary Rowing Club, Canada.

Our second athlete in the Remenham, Issy Powell continues her campaign in a GB U23 Eight.  Motivated by their recent tough Henley Women’s Elite Final and further testing, savage racing is promised from this hugely promising outfit.

Women’s Double Sculls: Georgia Francis and Emily Carmichael – Bow number 539: Drawn against Thames Rowing Club.

A hugely exciting combination, our resident all-round G goes in a GB double with Emily Carmichael.  Perhaps a record time in the new event?  No pressure.  Up against the neighbours in Putney, this will be a tantalising campaign.

Ladies: Molesey and Leander – Bow number 29: Drawn against Army Rowing Club.

David Bewicke-Copley races in Sport Imperial colours in a GB U23 boat, packed with fresh talent.

Helping you to navigate the circus that is Henley Royal Regatta will be the famous, quotidian ICBC schedule on Twitter.  Further racy content will become available on Instagram.  Of course, all racing is again live on YouTube.

The ICBC BBQ is at 4pm Saturday 1st July at Henley Cricket Club.  All friends of the club are invited and we hope to see all of our loyal, fervent following there.

Athletes and coaches alike are chomping at the bit to begin their campaigns in earnest.  A little longer.

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