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Lads on TOURin – ICBC W8+ in Italia

If you’re looking for a cheeky winter city break to Turin, Italia, the Women’s VIII have done the LEG work and have some POinters for you after they came away with 3rd place at Turin International Regatta a few weeks ago.

TOURIN8+ #canottagiPO #Eataly #filippo #boatsandpos Theo ‘Roger that’ Gibson (cox). Maddalena ‘Grand Torino’ Ardissino, Meg ‘rigged’ Jackson, Nat ‘wrote that’ Long, Ellie ‘talkie’ Disney, Jade ‘wrote this’ Hubbard, Amy ‘needs 50 quid’ Gibson, PipPO England, Heather Walkie (bow)

Food: We descended in force on the dairy rich lands of ToURIN. With this knowledge to hand we acquired approximately 4kgs of yogurt and about a quarter metric ton of Parma ham and cheese, for recovery purposes. Turin is not known for vegetables.

Transport: Do you fancy yourself a GTA aficionado? Or perhaps you’re more of a Mario Cart maverick? Well then, you can brave the Italian highways, byways and liberal driving etiquette towards the river Po. Considering that our three seat is now the proud recipient of a £50 London Metropolitan fine, we decided to chance it.

With mild PTSD and a selective deafness for the Fiat hooter, we arrived at the River Po, which was a Mecca for all things Filippi and Avant-Guard lycra over leggings.

Niceties: Forgoing the continental lycra tips, the boat making Gods blessed us with a 2017, carbon, wing-rigged Filippi 8+ hand crafted by Filippo himself (we’re still in contact with the genius should anyone wish to buy us the boat).

With such equipment, the immaculate boat practically rigged itself, rendering coach and boatman surplus to requirements…along with wiring and cox box.

Key Tip: shouting and hand gestures are not just permitted, but encouraged during use of vehicles on and off the water.

Optional activities: The river Po is home to several fun water based activities, including marshalling in a foreign language, made especially enjoyable with Theo’s newly acquired 100% polite and courteous catchphrases.

Water based walkie-talkie navigational pastimes are popular on this stretch of Italian river too.

Key Tip II: The use of walkie-talkies in place of a cox box, however ingenuous you may think, is not entirely helpful.

Racing: Turin International ‘long distance’ Regatta attracts thousands of athletes each year. The 4km course, meanders through the scenic city, under several quaint bridges; basically, a mini Tideway with more character and less wash.

The race answered one burning question: Which is faster; French plaits or the ‘buzz cut’ and rat tail combo? Some of you may be relieved to learn that French plaits sported by our IC women did the job, but we will consider the latter at WeHORR for a supplementary intimidation factor.

Fun Facts: Our jetsetters from Putney did ICBC proud with a triumphant 3rd place in the Elite 8+ category, succumbing only to some French senior squad members and the Italian u23 crew, and overtaking some men’s quads on the way. Not bad for a cheeky getaway, is it?

Key Tip III:  Win a junior pennant and you may be lucky enough to get your hands on a tub of a delicious local nutty delicacy.

Your trip: If you find yourself hungry for a city adventure, Parma ham, cheese, some world class head racing and the ideal prep for WeHoRR, we’ll see you at Turin head 2018.

Over and TurOUT.


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