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Obituary of René Zamudio

It is with great sadness that we report the death of René Zamudio, 22, who took his own life on Monday the 30th of January. René joined the club in September 2016 having taken up rowing in his final year at Bristol University Boat Club. Despite being relatively new to the sport, René made huge progress in our Senior Men’s Squad and proved himself to be a powerful and talented athlete with enormous potential, representing the club at the British Championships and the Four’s Head of the River this season.

René will be remembered by everyone at the club as an engaging, charming and happy young man, whose enthusiasm for the sport will be sorely missed. He became an integral part of our community and in the words of his father, ‘René loved rowing, it was more than a hobby to him.’ Outside of rowing René was pursuing a master’s degree in computing at Imperial. He was, by all accounts, an exemplary student. Our thoughts are with René and his family at this difficult time.

Please support René‘s family in raising money for CALM, a charity working to prevent suicide in young men.

René (in the 2 seat) Racing at the Four’s Head of the River 2016

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